Friday, 30 August 2013

Aug 30th

Extended seawatch off Corton benches in evening produced the hoped for juv Long-tailed Skua. Also 2 Arctic Skua, 7 Gannet, 19 Med Gulls,Black Tern, 8 Little Gulls inc 2 juv, 10 plus Sandwich Tern. Earlier in day a female Redstart was seen in the turbine yard at Ness point. 2 Redstart have been at the new sewage works in last few days along with another Wryneck, making it 8 Wryneck in total in Lowestoft area this month, plus 2 Red-backed Shrike and 2 probably 4 Greenish Warblers. Back to the good old days it seems but just watch the winds stubbornly switch now....

Monday, 26 August 2013

Aug 26th

Bit of a clear out overnight but still bits and bobs around. Nice Sooty Shearwater passed north quite close off North Beach after the usual tip off from Paul at Kessingland. Pied Flys seen at Gunton (2)and Corton (2). Redstarts seen at Corton new sewage works and Radar lodge. 3 Whinchats in Gunton church field. 3+ Yellow Wagtails at Corton. Wryneck showed well inside compound at Corton old sewage works.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Aug 25th

Ideal conditions still prevailing resulting in an amazing couple of days nationally. Today I saw A Greenish Warbler along Flycatcher Alley then in the evening found a Greenish Warbler by Corton new sewage works pond. Having just heard the one in Lowestoft calling I knew instantly what it was as I heard it and it then showed well for 5 mins calling continuously, possibly due to being new in, then headed east through the folliage. It or another was seen with a tit flock by the church later. So 2 6 point finds already this long weekend, lets try for another tommorow to really make my patch total competitive. Tree Pipit was at Radar lodge in morning and 2 Pied Flys were by the Corton pond in evening with 3 Whinchat. Earlier I found a Wryneck feeding on the path at Gunton railtrack, showing well, possibly yesterdays birds but given the large numbers in East Anglia at the moment cant be sure, 20+ in Suffolk, 20+ at Spurn etc. 17 Greenish Warblers were seen nationally today.

Aug 24th

Ideal fall conditions with easterly winds and rain. Found a Wryneck along Gunton railtrack. Many waders were flying over during morning including a number of Greenshank, Golden Plover and Whimbrel. Good numbers of Whinchats, Pied Fly and Wheatear were around. At Lound Green Sand flew over, Redstart and Spotted Fly present. In evening 29 Common Sands and a Wryneck were at Corton.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Aug 20th

Corton car boot sale produced again early morning after last weeks flyover Crossbill this morning 2 Pied Flycatchers were calling vociferously to each other within the north end of Corton Woods/gardens heard from my pitch. At least one kept being heard until midday. Interestingly at least 7 Pied Flys were found this morning in North Lowestoft/Corton in non Scandinavian migrant conditions, presumably English breeders migrating out. Last night 8 Arctic Skuas and an early Red-throated Diver were seen off Lowestoft in evening while in the morning a bonus Sedge Warbler was a patch yeartick in reeds by Corton NSW pond and a nice Clouded Yellow Butterfly was seen by Corton Radar Lodge.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Aug 11th

Mad scramble to the North Denes again when Andrew found another Roseate Tern. When I arrived I was told it had flown off, then it started to piss it down! They all ran for shelter whilst I crazily stayed, bedraggled, madly scanning distant groynes. The rain cleared, they crept back and I relocated the bird on a distant groyne to the south. We walked south to opposite the Lighthouse and enjoyed great views. Somewhat unusually this adult was unringed. One juvenile Arctic Tern was present among good numbers of Commons and Sandwich Terns. The Roseate flew off out to sea to feed at 9.40.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Aug 7th

Evening seawatch produced very little, just 3 Med Gulls (2 juv and 2nd summer) and an Arctic Skua. Earlier in week saw Caspian and YLG at Burnthill Lane but only saw the Roseate Tern as a spec flying off. Testing the iphone camera on the earlier Black Tern in the week, looking to bring new meaning to the term "record shot"... Dug out the 2001 diary to look back on my previous Lowestoft area record of 218 as I wanted to double check as it seemed high given that I really caned it last year and managed 210. I found that the 218 was correct and that some birds that were regular dross back then just dont occur now and this inflated the list, such as Nuthatch and Corn Bunting. How times change. It was a good migrant autumn, essential for a yearlist. Self found Olive-backed Pipit and Richards Pipit were the personal highlights. Other highlights seen in 2001 in the Lowestoft recording area included Rose-colured Starling and White-spotted Bluethroat. I got nearly all of the regular dross it seemed even bonuses like Hawfinch. The good autumn was responsible for most of the regular scarce being noted ie Wryneck, Red-backed Shrike and Barred Warbler. Seawatching was productive, I even read of a Suffolk record breaking 1800 Gannet north in just 5 hours in April. So to beat this we clearly need a good migrant autumn and we are due one...but Rob at least is well on track (yes ive sneakily added up what I think hes on and its now a number birds ahead of me (ill not disclose how many as I know Rob likes his secrets:)) to date this year in the Lowestoft area). Im on 183 btw.... Thats Lizard area listing but this blog is for your Corton patch listing I hear you say, how many are you on..? Sore point tbh...but autumn encroaches,,watch out Gibbo!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Aug 2nd

Cracking juvenile Black Tern seen around groynes on Lowestoft North Beach.3 Med Gull and a Common Sand noted. Yesterday evening a juv Arctic Tern and 3 ad Little Gulls flew south past Corton Cliffs along with a large evening movement of Common Terns south, maybe 500 birds. 8 Whimbrel flew south along with a Sanderling.