Monday, 31 December 2012

Patch boundaries map:
As you can see quite extensive but in all connected unlike some very dubious connections on some others maps and comes to 2.93 km sq. It basically is centred on Corton where i do most of my birding, primarily a migrant site. It includes the added bonus of Ness point/Hamilton Dock which may produce some nice birds in winter and crucially allows me to seawatch from the car at the coastguards if theres a rainy easterly in autumn:) 2 other Lowestoft birders are also doing the patch challenge this year, Rob Wilton and James Wright and this will lead to some "friendly" suppression boys please..! 2 others are also doing a Lizard area list this year which of course I intend to keep doing.

Friday, 28 December 2012

This blog is intended to be separate from my other general birding blog and only contain sightings from my newly designated 3km sq patch, which includes Corton and some of North Lowestoft: 2012 produced 239 points and will be a good marker. That years highlight was the 12 point self found Olive-backed pipit in October, but missed some dross from the exact patch such as Coot and Mistle Thrush!