Monday, 20 May 2013

May 19th

Fine Woodchat Shrike showing very well around the Denes Oval, a nice 3 pointer. Nearby the male Red-backed Shrike remained, a nice double, attracting quite a few birders throughout the day to my patch. Very little of note at other sites today, tho a Garden Warbler was still showing well at Lound, which was pleasing.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

May 18th

Pretty quiet lately. Again nothing of note on patch birding boundary this morning, or the last few days ive looked (yes I have been out-cheeky buggers). Went to check the scrape at Carlton. 1 Whimbrel, 4 Redshank and a brief group of c.7-10 Ringed Plover. Went to marsh lane end only to be turfed off by the farmer, no water was left anyway. Day was salvaged by phenominal views of a ringtail (probably 1st summer male)Montagu`s Harrier on Breydon south wall marshes by the pumphouse, brilliantly found by Rob Wilton after he had predicted it in an earlier text to me. Evening update: Rob called me late in evening saying hes on a Red-backed Shrike on the Denes. I scorched there in record time and enjoyed the fabulous male Red-backed Shrike on brambles just north of the Oval. Robs texts today included "just off to McDonalds then I fancy a Monties" and "off to McDonalds then off to find a Shrike".....Well played sir. I wonder what time McDonalds opens in the morning.......

Thursday, 9 May 2013

May 8th

Resorting to stints of early evening seawatching at the moment as very few migrants are around. 2 Bar-wits south, 1 late Red throated Diver north and c.20 Gannet had been the "highlights". However I did have a couple of sightings which made me scratch my head. The first tonight were 3 large white birds distantly south low over water, never gliding like the Gannets present and clearly bigger. I assume they were probably Spoonbills and if a group of 3 turns up on the Suffolk coast tommorow it would be interesting... The other sighting was the previous night when I picked up a Tern flying north quite high at mid/long range. Having watched commmics all evening it wasnt one of those, too large and leisurely. It didnt strike me as a Sandwich Tern either. In fact the bill did look all black, thick and short. Yes there was a strong black trailing edge to wing....and yes its the one candidate species there is no way in hell they will "give" to a yearlister.....yet another that gets away..:(

Monday, 6 May 2013

May 6th

Up at dawn to try some vizmig from the pillbox. It wasnt the spectacular I was predicting....just 4 Yellow Wags, a few Swallows and a Hobby noted in 2 hours. Then went to Carlton Marshes scrape where a pair of Avocets flew in and fed for around 10 mins before flying off towards Castle Marshes. Would be nice if they stayed to breed, that would be a real bonus in the scrapes first year. 2 Greenshank then flew in and fed for around 10 mins before they also flew off. Im thinking when it gets the Temmincks soon it will do similar so I guess you will have to get there early. 2 or 3 uncharacteristically showy Garden Warblers were noted by Spratts Water Lane. Nearby a Gropper sang, Cuckoo called distantly and good numbers of Willow Warbler were present. At Lound another showy Garden Warbler sand and showed well by the causeway, a good patch challenge tick but no sound of yesterdays Cuckoo which would have been a bonus. 4 Swifts and a House Martin flew around Lowestoft Lighthouse and a Yellow Wag flew over south. In the evening a real bonus came in the form of my first ever Corton Spotted Redshank which flew south close past the benches, almost in full summer plumage. That is far rarer than eg YBW here and I doubt ill get another. 2 Little Terns flew north, c.60 Common Scoter sat on sea and 20+ Commic Terns were too distant to be identified as hoped for Arctics of which Landguard had a number today.