Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dec 31st

Year over and final Patch Birding tally was 189 sp 281 pts. Lowestoft area yearlist ended on 215, my second best annual total. The only December tick was the fine Glossy Ibis at Oulton Marshes. Misses included Turtle Dove, Nuthatch and Red-necked Grebe etc but I did pretty well really, getting most of the expected birds. For 2014 I have made a slight alteration to my patchbirding 3km boundary, basically ditching Lound and gaining Carlton/Oulton Marshes. I was amazed it still fit too, before you ask:)I have the map in a word document but cant remember how to paste it in here. This means its not eligable for the comparitive scores league..but will be pretty tasty in the new patch standings id wager.