Thursday, 28 August 2014

Aug 28th

Icterine Warbler found in afternoon in bushes by the boardwalk at Corton New Sewage works. Showed well for around a minute before flying west into the taller vegetation near the main path and could not be relocated. Had a decent wing panel and seemed pretty large. Yellowish suffusion to throat and upper breast on an otherwise rather pale grey/green upperparts and whitish underparts. Orange lower mandible on a longish bill. Open faced expression. Blue-grey legs etc. Tried for another hours search in evening with no joy but Craig bounded up and let me know he had found a Juvenile Red-backed Shrike at the OSW (his phone was dead so I put on the news) I went off to see it and it showed pretty well often on low vegetation in the compound and also on the perimeter fence. It flew into the tammarisks to roost at 7.45. Also 3 Whinchat here. Also Pied Fly in the plantation. 2 Green Sands flew over Gunton. Yesterday Willow Emerald by the NSW pond and Grey Wag over plus 2 Pied Fly and 2 Whinchat at Gunton. On Tues a large Skua passage off the north beach saw an adult and juv Long-tailed Skua pass along with 2 Poms, 16 Great and 41 Arctics. 4 Manx went north, yearticks. A strong passage of Arctic Terns was also evident with 7 close juvs ided for certain but there were probably far more. On that day the first Pied Fly of the year was at Corton NSW.