Sunday, 22 September 2013


In case you had been wondering I have been out most days recently just not seeing anything notable enough for a blog post. Yesterday a nice Snow Bunting was seen sitting on a groyne by Links Hill presumably exhausted after a long flight. Many evenings have been spent seawatching especially after tip offs of birds coming north eg the Sabines Gull off Sizewell, didnt pick up any of them tho. Today went to Burgh castle to try out camera..and was met by thick fog. When it cleared a bit some viz mig was apparent with a small group of Redpolls, 7 Yellow Wagtails and plenty of Meadow Pipits flying over the ruins which appears to be a good viz mig location as they pass along the river valley. I did test the camera at 50x on the very distant Berney Mill: The winds have been dire...a bit of early morning viz mig is all I could muster but possible promising conditions for next week and with a staggering 160 Yellow-browed Warblers on a single Norweigan Island today things could get very interesting....

Sept 22nd

Yellow-browed Warbler seen on the patch today in Sparrows Nest Gardens. Found by Andrew, was elusive but called constantly for a few minutes and showed briefly high up in trees above the bowling green. Hopefully the first of many and an almost certain upgrade to 6pts as ive found at least one every year since ive lived here. Purchased a new bridge camera yesterday, a sony DSC HX-300 which produces great results at x50 optical zoom. I bought it for record shots of self found solo observed rares mainly and for this its amazing as you can get an identifiable shot very quickly and easily which such a small portable device. Heres an example of a cat taken on a neighbours roof in near darkness at 7 pm.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sept 11th

Up at dawn to seawatch before work. Was raining with poor visibility at dawn so pulled in to Links Road car park to watch from car. It was soon apparent that a large northerly passage of Wildfowl and waders was happening, very close inshore. 100s of Teal and Wigeon, some Mallard, Scoter and Gadwall, 100s of Dunlin, many Knot, good numbers of Grey Plover, some Curlew etc. A close group of 20 or so Dunlin flew past and I got my scope on them and noted 2 considerably smaller, paler waders which were clearly Little Stints, a real bonus. Some extremely close Arctic Skuas were also passing north. As the weather abated and the visibility improved I decided to watch from Corton for a wider field of view. Sheltered by the benches hedge it was very pleasant, the horizon appeared and viewing was very good. Skuas kept appearing, often close. A dainty pale juv Long-tailed Skua flew north with an Arctic, the difference was remarkable with completely different flight action, size and jizz, the Arctic was low and purposefull while the tiny Long-tailed was very bouyant and kept dipping to surface, very Tern like and easily one of the better examples ive seen off here. In total 16 Arctic Skuas went north during the short watch. Most birds were passing north and close but the Gannets were passing south and distant. Then a real patch crippler occured as 2 magnificent Avocets passed close north, easily the highlight of the watch.